Our Story


About Our Owners

Luna Swim is a Vancouver-based designer swimwear brand. Our Founder and Designer Stephanie Twarog, and Co-owner and Creative Director Mariam Alsayed, share over 15 years of friendship, formed initially through playing basketball in highschool on rival teams. You can catch either of them spending their down time enjoying the simple things in life like hanging by the ocean, watching sunsets, and star-gazing into the night. Together, dreaming big and believing in making those dreams come to life, they now share a partnership in Luna Swim, a brand that encompasses their passions and values. 

The name, Luna Swim, is inspired by a quote both of our owners cherish deeply, “live by the sun, love by the moon.” Their fascination for the moon holds a special place in their hearts and its beauty inspires their creative vision and lifestyle. The moon's phases and symbolism is a gentle reminder for them that no matter what phase you’re experiencing in life, you are still whole. 

About the Brand

Luna Swim bikinis are made by women, for women, to enjoy any summer occasion while looking and feeling their best. From trendy swimsuit tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched, to classic and minimalist styles that are timeless and essential for a Summer wardrobe. Each collection offers styling options that are versatile and adjustable to flatter every shape of beauty. 

Luna Swim is a slow fashion house that aims to create designs that are timeless while being thoughtful, intentional, and holistic with production practises. Fabrics are carefully selected to ensure durability and longevity to last many seasons to come. 2021 has brought many changes including a shift towards sustainable fabrics that are a part of Luna’s Spring/Summer '21 collection.


Luna Swim has many initiatives that will continue to reflect their conscious brand. In the past, Luna Swim has contributed proceeds to the following charities:

Karma Gawa during the Australian Wildfires in 2020

Black Lives Matter for the month of June 2020 

Giving back to the community is one of our owners deepest motivations and desires and will be an ongoing commitment within the brand. To honour the land that we call home, starting from July 2021, 1% of all proceeds will be donated to local charities supporting Canadian Indigenous Peoples. This is our long term commitment and honour.

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Owners of Luna Swim Stephanie Twarog and Mariam Alsayed in their Luna Swim bikinis at the beach in Vancouver, BC.