Embracing the Slow Fashion Movement: Luna Swim's Commitment to Sustainable Style

At Luna Swim, we are proud to be a slow fashion brand. We've designed timeless swimwear styles while keeping our sustainable practises in check.
We've opted in for small batch productions, selection of materials that are eco-conscious and bikini styles perfect for a Summer capsule wardrobe that can be added in season after season.
We promise to remain as a slow fashion company to help reduce challenges that are presented with fast fashion.     
Here are some facts that we thought are worth sharing with you:
    • There are approximately 100 billion clothing items produced every year, ranking the fashion world as the third largest manufacturing industry worldwide. We can’t even conceptualize a large number like this!
    • Approximately 80% of your wardrobe hasn't been worn in the past year. A study confirmed that on average, people do not wear a substantial amount of their wardrobe. Does this apply to you?! It's time to do an overhaul on our closets and practise better consumer habits.
    • Fast fashion is accountable for more pollution than shipping and aviation industries combined. The high amount of emissions from these companies surely impact the environment in a monumental way. 
    • Millennials take a big role in reducing the carbon imprint. When it comes to sustainable choices in shopping, approximately 60% of millennials state that they practise this. Let's keep this trend going for our next generations to come!
    • Fashion waste is a problem. Out of the average 100 billion items produced each year, it is estimated that 92 billion tonnes end up at the landfill. The near future projections are astronomical. How will you help reduce this?
Ways We've Incorporated Sustainability and Consciousness into our Brand
Sustainable bikinis never looked so good!
We have introduced our sustainable swimwear styles including the Elisa, Rayna and Amber. We’ve consciously chosen to make our bikinis with Repreve fabrics. This is an amazing company that offers high quality fabrics made from 100% recycled materials including water bottles collected from our oceans. All of the extras that you receive on an order including hang tags, poly-bags and mailers are eco-friendly and either recyclable or decompose easily.  
We hope social media, influencers and other companies continue to blast out the importance of our consumer attitudes and choices. Cheers to slow fashion!