Meet our Luna Babe Sandra, and Her Partner in Crime, Fabian

Sandra and her husband Fabian are travel enthusiasts who have captured some of the most inspiring moments during their adventures. Check out their IG @yes_we_travel where they showcase stunning content curated from their passion for travel and photography. They are a power house couple that we can't help but admire! Continue reading below for some of their favourite travel spots and insight into their lifestyle. We've also featured some shots of Sandra in Positano wearing our "Cecylia" collection in our pastel shade "Amethyst". We hope you enjoy :) Sending Love your way - Luna Swim xoxo


Where are you from?

We are from Germany Bavaria .

What can you share about a favourite city/country you've visited?

Our favourite trip this year was Finland. It was -20 degrees and we had a lot of action in this country. We did a husky tour, reindeer tour, snowmobile ride and many other nice trips in the winter wonderland. In this week we lived in a wooden house which was really great. Also we fall in love with Abu Dhabi and yes it was a bit hotter there around about 35 degree. The desert is just breathtaking and if you have the chance, go and ride a camel through this beautiful landscape. It is such a Freedom feeling.

What inspires you to travel?

We love to visit great new places and this made us so happy. It is not only seeing the world it is feeling and the experience.

Where is your favourite destination you’ve visited so far? Any hotel/resorts you would recommend?

The Hotel Quasi al sarab desert resort in Abu Dhabi. This resort is in the middle in the desert and everything there is just awesome.

Do you prefer lazing on the beach or a day of adventure?

Definitely adventure.

If you could experience living anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be and why?

We love to live in Germany our whole life because we are family people. We would relocate our entire family... then Australia.

What are your travel essentials?

Cameras...because we love to take photos and videos.

Where’s your next destination?

Our next destination is Slovenia, there we will live in a wooden house with our siblings and celebrate the New Year. Also our plan is to visit Africa soon.

Any bedtime rituals no matter where you are in the world?

Time together is still the best time. The worst things about traveling are uncomfortable beds.

Favourite IG trend?

Love to see the #followmeto pictures from other people.

Where is your favourite place/activity to be in a bikini?

Love to wear in all warm seasons and at the beach or pool.

Is there an interesting fact about yourselves that we would never have guessed?

We are not full-time travellers... we both work 40 Hours a week just using our holidays for travelling.

What inspired you to start creating content?

We are on fire with the photography and it is our passion.