Luna Swim Meets Mykonos - A Dream Island Getaway

Our latest adventures in Mykonos, Greece with owner and founder of Luna Swim, Stephanie, was filled with azure waters, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and stunning landscapes - a Greek island of paradise. This dreamy destination was more than just a vacation to relax in her bikinis; it was a wellspring of inspiration. In this blog post, we'll share Steph’s highlights of this picture perfect island and we'll see how Luna Swim draws inspiration from the captivating aesthetics of destinations like Mykonos.

Founder, Stephanie Twarog lounges in the sun in Luna Swim's most minimalistic bikini, The Elisa, and enjoys the day at the resort in Mykonos.Steph wears the Elisa bikini top and bikini bottoms as she soaks in the sun at her resort in Mykonos 

Wanderlust Ignites Inspiration

Traveling has an enchanting way of opening our eyes to the world's beauty and diverse cultures. Mykonos is a perfect embodiment of this idea, where each corner holds the promise of adventure. The picturesque views of the crystal-clear waters, the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, and the laid-back atmosphere kindle a desire for relaxation and indulgence in slowing down.

At Luna Swim, this deep-rooted love for wanderlust is the catalyst for our swimwear creations. Our designer's visit to Mykonos reinforced the belief that the beauty of nature can seamlessly blend with the elegance of swimwear. 

The Elisa in sustainable onyx top and bottom product shot in MykonosThe Elisa in Onyx - top and bottom 

Lazing Under the Sun

One of the greatest pleasures in Mykonos is simply basking in the sun, a ritual that any swimwear enthusiast would appreciate. The gentle Aegean Sea breeze, the whisper of the waves, and the comfort of a Luna Swim bikini top and bottom - it's a match made in heaven. There are many incredible beaches and beach clubs to visit around the island including: Psarou Beach, Paradise Beach, Ornos Beach, Kapari Beach and a few top tier beach clubs including Super Paradise Beach.  

The slow fashion swimwear philosophy at Luna Swim ensures that every piece is crafted with care and attention to detail. Our swimwear isn't just a garment; it's a symbol of comfort and style, built to withstand the sun, sea, and sand, season after season. Steph wears the Elisa while soaking in the sun at one of her favorite resorts, Amazon Mykonos

The Elisa in Onyx bikini top and bottom is worn with a white linen oversized button up on founder and lead designer of Luna Swim      Owner of Luna Swim lounges in her bikini bottom and bikini top at the resort in Mykonos, Greece.          The Elisa top in sustainable onyx is a triangle bikini top and cheeky bikini bottom.     The Elisa bikini top and bikini bottom in sustainable onyx - youre favorite little black bikini  that is perfect for any summer occasion

 Exploring Old Town Mykonos

Mykonos is a treasure trove of history, culture, and aesthetics. A stroll through Old Town Mykonos reveals a world where whitewashed buildings and charming alleys beckon you to explore. As you wander through the town, there are so many local coffee shops and traditional Greek cuisine to indulge in. Historical sites like the windmills or visting Little Venice are worth a stop. 

Luna Swim's owner Steph Twarog takes in the iconic alley in Old Town Mykonos
Luna Swim's Ode to Mykonos

Mykonos, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, has left a lasting mark on our swimwear company. Slow fashion is not just about style; it's about embracing the world's beauty and the commitment to sustainable, high-quality creations.

As you slip into your favorite bikini, remember that it's more than just wearing a swimsuit; you're cultivating a feeling like no other as you embrace the sun and sea in style. Discover the perfect bikinis for your next summer adventure.

Cheers to a life filled with wanderlust!