All Eyes on this Boss Babe - Cait Holmes

We are so inspired by Cait Holmes and her recent chapter in life of letting go of the 9-5, becoming her own boss, and travelling while working at her business to pursue her dreams. One of her recent ventures was leaving home with her partner, Corey, and exploring one of the most breathtaking and instagrammable islands of the world, Bali! We are honoured to have her a part of the Luna Babe community and are excited to share some of her insights to her lifestyle, values and lessons. Not only are we inspired by her story, but also how authentic, and empowering her content is that she has shared with us below and on social media. Be sure to check our her IG page, YouTube and website. We've also featured some shots of Cait on her trip wearing our "Kate" collection in "Sapphire" as well as featured this uplifting video she created wearing Luna Swim. We hope you enjoy :) Sending Love and Light your way - Luna Swim xoxo


Where are you originally from?

I was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and moved to Vancouver 5 years ago which was one of my favorite decisions so far.

What can you share about your city/country that you’re proud of or someone elsewhere may find interesting?

Although I currently live nomadically, Vancouver is where I call home. I am a proud Canadian and absolutely love the energy, youth and diversity of Vancouver. I love the walkability of downtown and it’s such a beautiful city.

What inspired you to quit the 9-5 and travel? What were your fears?

I’ve always had this feeling inside me that has constantly confirmed to me how much I need to be doing my own thing and be my own boss. Both by husband and I made the decision to quit our jobs at Shopify to travel and work on our business. We decided that if we ever wanted to build a business and see the world, now is the best time. It’s the best time while we are still young and in a flexible point in life where we can take a big risk. Our biggest fear is that we’d stumble along for two years straight without really finding any real success in what we’re attempting. A big fear that continually pushes me forward is the image of myself at age 77 looking back at my life and knowing I could have tried and done so many things that I dreamt of but I was to scared to. That nightmare of regret is sometimes what pushes me to give it my all and take calculated risks.

What inspires you to create your content?

I love the creativity and fun of content creation. I love the challenge of getting a great angle and telling a story or expressing a lifestyle. I also love the idea that maybe someone else will appreciate what I make.

Looking back, what insight or advice can you pass on to someone deciding to take the leap to leave their job and pursue a dream?

The best advice I can share right now is to start something on the side before you decide to remove your ongoing stream of income. The one thing that has kept us from exploding is the fact that we have a direction and daily lifestyle and work process that we both enjoy. If you aren’t sure what you would do after you quit your job, for example, only knowing you want to start a business but aren’t sure what kind of business, my advice is to know what you want to dive into and know that you enjoy that thing enough to be obsessed with it.

Where is your favourite destination you’ve visited so far?

Bali took me by surprise, even through its imperfections and hype I found myself never wanting to leave. The variety of places you can go is quite extensive. The rice paddies, white, black and pink sand beaches, monkeys, giant cliffs, and even a volcano are some of the geographical highlights of Bali. The amazing variety of shops, restaurants and cafes is extremely fun to explore. Also the fact that you can get 10 gbs of data for 30 days with only $8 is mind blowing compared to Canada’s $50 + for barely any data.

Are there influencers that you look up to or feel empowered by?

Pia Muehlenbeck is by far the one woman I follow who I absolutely adore. She is such an inspiration to me in business, travel and positivity, let alone how beautiful she is!

Do you prefer lazing on the beach or a day of adventure?

For me a day of Adventure, content creation and food is the best day I can imagine :)

What's the hardest thing about being away from home?

Feeling like I’m missing out on my families lives is the hardest thing about being away. 

What do you love most about travel?

The feeling like anything can happen, like every day I see something new. I love learning about how countries work and what has brought them to where they are through their culture and political functionality.

Where is your favourite place/activity to be in a bikini?

Basking poolside in the sun!

So far, where's your favourite destination (city, hotel, or air bnb etc.)?

My favorite place so far is Viceroy Bali - a simply jaw dropping and magical place!

What is your life mantra (if you have one, or words to live by)?

Love yourself when you’re by yourself. Always believe that you can make your dreams a reality, that you can experience amazing things, that you can build a life of happiness and depth. There is so much to learn and do and so much that the world has to offer, so many different lives that each of us can live. The opportunities are endless. And you don’t have to be perfect.

What does "feeling sexy in your own skin" mean to you?

When you love yourself as an individual soul for who you are internally - like, truly loving that heartbeat and energetic flow inside of you - when you love yourself no matter what choices you make, when you’re always rooting for yourself to be happy and become better - you can look in the mirror each day and see that the eyes staring back at you are simply your eyes, and the body reflecting back at you is simply your body. This incredible, biological machine that gives you life each moment is nothing short of a miracle.

What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

Knowing I’m in control of my life and the excitement and opportunity I have to create and build a life I dream of. And some days it’s the thought of breakfast.